Comprehensive Safety Review Reveals Effectiveness of Mild Procedure

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 21:25

A comprehensive safety review of the minimally invasive mild® procedure was recently published in a press release that is gaining national attention.  

The press release details a comprehensive safety review published in the American Academy of Pain Medicine’s Pain Medicine Journal. Authored by Drs. Robert Levy MD, PhD and Timothy Deer, MD, the review examines the impact of the mild® procedure across eight separate clinical studies that were completed at different locations in the U.S. and Canada and assessed over time frames that ranged from 12 weeks to over one year.

Results indicate that patients had no negative events related to major devices or the medical procedure. Out of 134 people, more than 80% reported significant improvements in both mobility and pain reduction.

The study reinforces the conclusion that the mild® procedure is a safe, cost-effective and successful treatment for patients dealing with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS), a common back condition. To read the full release, please click here.


Choosing the Right Pain Management Clinic

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 21:19

The term “pain management” is an oft-cited area of medical practice, and a growing number of patients are seeking pain management clinics that can provide them with much-needed relief from chronic conditions that cause discomfort.

Before making an appointment, it’s important to consider if a pain management clinic is the best fit for you. Thinking through factors such as clinic culture, services offered and medical approach are vital to your long-term happiness at a pain management clinic.

Clinic Culture
The culture within a pain management clinic is one of those intangible factors that goes a long way in determining if the practice is a good fit for you. Culture is often reflected in how doctors handle their relationships with patients and how the clinic staff communicates with them. Small acts of kindness, coupled with a desire to serve patients as best as possible, are all included within a clinic’s culture and can certainly be a determining factor in whether a patient sticks with a clinic or moves on to a new one.

Services Offered
Some pain management clinics specialize in a certain type of treatment or pain area, while others offer a more comprehensive list of procedures that their doctors can perform. Others offer highly specialized treatments that are only available at a handful of clinics within a state. When selecting a pain management clinic, it’s important to research the full list of services offered by the doctors and their staff.

Medical Approach

Every practice has a unique medical approach. While some pain management clinics emphasize natural remedies, others focus heavily on narcotics and many others offer a blend of the two. It’s important to consider the short-term and long-term effects of working with each type of medical approach and choose the one that makes you the most comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

In the end, the final decision of whether you visit a pain clinic – and which one you choose – is completely up to you. By considering these factors, we believe you will arrive at the decision that will be most compatible with your personality and healthcare needs.


Welcome to Our New Blog

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Friday, 30 November 2012 18:53

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Pain Solution's new blog!