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The term “pain management” is an oft-cited area of medical practice, and a growing number of patients are seeking pain management clinics that can provide them with much-needed relief from chronic conditions that cause discomfort.

Before making an appointment, it’s important to consider if a pain management clinic is the best fit for you. Thinking through factors such as clinic culture, services offered and medical approach are vital to your long-term happiness at a pain management clinic.

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By PRNewswire :The following is being released by Vertos Medical Inc.

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – A comprehensive safety review of the minimally invasive mild® procedure was recently published in a press release that is gaining national attention.

The press release details a comprehensive safety review published in the American Academy of Pain Medicine’s Pain Medicine Journal. Authored by Drs. Robert Levy MD, PhD and Timothy Deer, MD, the review examines the impact of the mild® procedure across eight separate clinical studies that were completed at different locations in the U.S. and Canada and assessed over time frames that ranged from 12 weeks to over one year.

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By Dr. Jay Adlersberg and Eyewitness News

LONG ISLAND – Back pain in the elderly can have many causes. One type of pain is caused by spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal. It has very typical symptoms and may need major surgery to cure, but a new procedure shows promise.

Spinal stenosis can pinch nerves and cause back and leg pain. Patients are often in their seventies or eighties, not a good age for major back surgery to improve pain. Now, a simpler procedure that’s been available for less than two years may be an option.

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