Pain Diagnosis

Physical Therapy of the Knee

Chronic pain, like any other disease, should not be tolerated, it should be remedied. Pain diagnosis is a cited term that focuses on identifying the nature (or source) of the pain and using various methods to alleviate the symptoms.

At Rocky Mountain Pain Solutions, we are committed to identifying the cause of pain and removing its symptoms. What sets our clinic apart from other doctors who diagnose pain is we are not focused on solely prescribing narcotics. We take a holistic approach to pain diagnosis and treatment and believe that therapies, massage and some injections can offer much-needed relief.

Identifying and reducing pain is the number one focus for our pain diagnosis process. If any of the below scenarios apply to you, please contact us to set up a consultation with one of our physicians:

  • the pain has been on/off for three months
  • the pain makes it difficult for you to sleep
  • you have a illness/injuries that have healed but the pain is still there
  • family member is suffering and you have questions
  • you have questions about how to prevent pain

 We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us today.

Pain Diagnosis - Knee

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